November 19, 2012

Sign ''O'' the times.

Good Monday guys, like there is such a thing eh?
A New watch is released by [JP]:dsg, it's called the Liberation Clock, and what a great watch it is.
I love the nerdy hud, that can change the Colour of the band, and also the faces.
And it has a little map of the world, to switch it to a different time zone, also the second hand moves.
It's a real working watch, with an everlasting battery.
Taxi to the store - [JP]:Dsg.
Other credits:
Hair 31 - Dura.
Marley glasses - Cheerno.
Cooper skin - Belleza @ Fair New.
Marshall jackets - FATEwear.

Enjoy >:)

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  1. You are handsome Mister Sam ! I really like those glasses :)


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