November 10, 2012

LOGO 'Tristan' skin review.

LOGO released the first mesh head for girls, a couple of Days ago.
And nosy as I am, I had to check it out for myself of course, and then I found out they had Male skins also,
And after trying all the versions out, I was surprised that I had never seen this skins before.
So time to check one out firmly, I liked several ones, they all have different expressions, some older looking some younger, and decided to use 'Tristan' for my post, I am going to show 3 facial hair types,
The unshaven, Stubble and the Van Dyke beard, imo its a great skin very detailed and natural looking.
I didn't altered the picture ( which i never do) but just want to point that out with this skin picture.
Enjoy your Weekend!

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