November 5, 2012

Sey, Kal Rau & New round of Mens Dept started.

Hi there.
Today I want to show another Colour, of my favourite fleece sweater from Sey.
With the latest jeans from Kal Rau
And a New round of the  Mens Dept started, that needs to be checked out.
On the Seraphim website are all the items showed: Mens Dept on Seraphim.
We guys have way to less events, but I love this one.
Ok picture showing time:

All Credits:
Ensemble fleece & cut off Tee - Sey.
Kal Rau skinny jeans & Boxer - Kal Rau.
Ferracini sneakers - Hoorenbeek.

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  1. Great looking sim and loving the fleece/tshirt combo :)


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