February 29, 2012

New from Dutchie, The Biedermeier Mesh Livingroom set.

Second Life isn't played in Holland on a big scale.
So its nice one of the best furniture designers is Dutch(ie).
I am showing Froukje's latest release The Biedermeier Mesh livingroom set.
Let me give you some specs of the set.
The Biedermeier livingroom set is a mesh set with beautiful custom textures and baked shadows, filled with smooth, realistic long animations, with 7 colors fabric, with great attention to details yet low prim. 
The whole set consists of 5 parts: sofa, 2 chairs, table and cupboard. Together, the prim equivelent is only 31 prims. With the set come 2 gifts, the vase and newspaper.
The sofa comes in 2 versions, pg and adult. 
It also has build in props, drinking wine, a laptop, newspaper, coffee.
Go see it inworld and check out this great set
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