February 11, 2012

52 Weeks of Color challenge Folly.

This was the most difficult one so far, i checked the most wildest shops i knew.
And ended up with zip, so went nagging in the 52 Weeks group.
And then the owner of Bounce, was sending out the notice for the girls.
So i asked cant u make a tank in that color, she said yes, but its has Barbie on then lol.
At that point i was so desperate, i would have worn a Tarzan thong really.
So she was so nice to send the barbie tank, and a bit later a Ken one.
So i could close this week up, with a nice ken post.
You can get your own copy here >>Bounce


  1. Great post Sam ! You are a wonderful Barbie... Hum, Ken ! :P I'm glad you are satisfied ! :)

  2. i read your complaints in group chat... haha... but this post is super..haha and i am waiting for a post from you in your Tarzan Thong ...lol ;) bye bye Nic

  3. Awwww, you look great. Very handsome!

  4. A Barbie-pink Ken tee. Gotta love it! And you bear a striking resemblance, lol.


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