February 12, 2012

Back to Black Akeruka New skin.

Today i went to the Back to Black event held at the Chic sim.
This event is held to raise, the awareness about mental health.
It covers a wide range, of mental health issues.
With allot of information, put in between the designers creations.
Big compliments for the management, who made this happen.
In my case i am dealing with a Neurological disease, that effects my daily life pretty big.
So i recognized allot of the issues brought up, while i was there.
The Skin i am wearing is from AKERUKA, and is special made for the Back to Black event.
And the Photo box i used is from Sparrowtree, which is also to get at the event.
And its titled ''Throw me a rope'' what was for me, the perfect setting, to do by this post.
You can find the Black to back event here Chic Sim
And more in formation on their website here Chic Website

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