January 28, 2012

New Menstuff lounge open !!

Today my post is about, the opening of the new Menstuff lounge.
The owner of Menstuff Ivy Maverick, and her staff doing a great job, managing this big group.
The intention of this group, is to give the members information, about new Designs and sales.
And also Organising events, hunts and other activities.
More information on their webpage here > Website Menstuff
And the great built new lounge, by Kal rau is to find here> Menstuff lounge

This whole Avi is made with free Menstuff goodies.
Skin & clothes by Egoisme
The wall i am in front of, are all free gifts for the group, which is free to join.
Also i want to mention, the great charity taking place at the lounge, check this website for more information.
The donation box is next to the giftwall, any amount will help.

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