January 7, 2012

52 weeks of Colour - Coral.

Hey hey.
Well this was a toughie, i never heared of Coral, to begin with.
But my nice blogging friend from Brb-gone Shopping, helped out with a Colour Wiki page.
So at the end i kinda nailed it :P.
Hoodie by Dutch Touch
Neat Pants by Redgrave
Shoes by Akeyo
Undies by JK

Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!


  1. Nice work! Not many guys can rock the coral :)

  2. Thanks Rainy,Anichka and Cari :)

  3. You did indeed! Very nice outfit!

  4. I am impressed this color is so hard for males!

  5. Yeah it's already hard enough with the very little men's clothes in SL, but then having to match the colour swatches too has to be amazingly rough. Good job on the look!


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