January 15, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Electric Indigo

Ellow :)

The Second Color of the challenge wasn't the easiest one also.
And i am only gonna wear this sweater again, when i am really drunk i think lol.
My first try was on a purple speedboat, but that picture was only to see with sunglasses.
Anywayz here we go :) 

My new favorite sweater (coughs) is to get here >> Shiki
Slip on's by PornStar
Pants by Redgrave

Till next week >:)


  1. Very sexy, I love a man in a good sweater.

  2. Wonderful job, casual and sexy!

  3. i think the sweater looks great on you!...good job!

  4. Agreed the color looks great on you! Awesome pics!


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