May 23, 2014

The sheep are alright.

Hello friends,
yesterday i was taking a picture of new Kauna releases
and I got photobombed by a sheep, but the male sheep of my herd came to the rescue.
As you can see in the back, he pushed the female sheep out of the way.
Such a loyal guy it is ♥
The XVI suit I am wearing from Kauna is currently available at Fameshed.
All other texture versions are at his mainstore, plus new elbow pads, breeks, and waistcoats.
The pipe I have is also from there and is in a gacha machine.
Only 70 L a play it comes with exhalation smoke, cannabis or tobacco option..

Second life suit
Flatcap: Mason Ispachi.
Skin: Teghran Aeros.
Pipe: Dublin rare Kauna Gacha.
Suit XVI: Tweed grey everything included, Kauna currently at Fameshed.
Location: Izzie's.
Pose: Out of Patience Del May.
Good weekend guys and till next time!

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