May 13, 2014

Don't kiss me.

Hello guys,
So much love for the Collabor Milkshakes and Turntables theme of this month.
All furniture in this picture is from there, and so are our clothes.
I tried to kiss Izzie but she got scared ._.
Will try again soon, and hopefully more successful,
The Je t'aime pose is by Rack poses for Posers Pavilion.
Don't Kiss Me
Izzie's wears:
Hair: D428 Tram currently at Collabor.
Skin: Nomi Izzie's.
Dress: Julie Decoy currently at Collabor.
Shoes: Pinup peep Hucci at Collabor.
Sam wears:
Hair: Traveller Exile.
Skin: Kyu Hermony.
Blazer & shirt Lennon Howl currently at Collabor.
Jeans: Billy faded Fatewear.
Sneakers: Gabriel currently at TMD.
Pose: Je T'aime Rack Poses.
And now all the furniture..
Collabor88 May
Everything mentioned is to find at Collabor.
Skybox: Wish you were here Scarlet Creative.
Chairs, table, kettle, microwave, cans, cart, lamp all from the Gerzzo set The Loft.
Wall arts, milk caddy, vase, eat sign, soda crates, Floorplan.
The original milkshake fridge Flowey.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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