March 1, 2014

The glamorous life of a housewife

Hello everybody!
I've gotten a bit sloppy in the past weeks concerning my duties as a SL housewife - all my favorite TV shows came back from a break and I spent my days and nights catching up on all of them, so our place got a bit dusty and messy with time. Fortunately I have an awesome hard working husband who provides me with all a girl can wish for! So yesterday he came home from work and brought us the Spring Clean set from What Next at The Arcade so we could spruce up our house. But I had better things to do - i couldn't miss out on a new episode of  SLey's Anatomy, so my lovely Sam did all the housework for me - isn't he great!? ;P
The glamorous life of a housewife

Sam Credits:
 suit: Zaara - Classic Suit
hair: Exile - Traveller
skin: Aeros - Kitai

Izzie Credits:
t-shirt: Erratic - Mindy T-Shirt
shorts: Erratic - Briony Shorts
hair: [K] Random Things - Curler Hair
skin: Izzie's - Maci Skin
face tattoos: Izzie's - No Make-Up today
pose: Del May - Late Night Telly

Furniture Credits:
console: Standby Inc - Superlife Console & Game Stack
couch: Floorplan - Pallet Couch
tray: MishMish - Fast Food Tray (@ Arcade)
mouse: MishMish - Mouse silver
Kitchen broom, Mop, Housekeepers box, Vacuum cleaner: What Next - Spring Clean (@ Arcade)
TV: Tartessos Arts - Retro TV  
garbage bags: Media Company Brzeg - Garbage
ashtray: Nikotin - Ultimate Ashtray
wine bottle and glasses: Breno - from Avalon Guard Tower
wine bottle: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Wine on the Beach

♥ Enjoy ♥

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