March 12, 2014

Dance in the dark.

Hello Guys,
Gabriel today in the spotlight and the great relaxed jeans from Shai.
I love the studs flat shoes from Gabriel, they are neat and still casual looking.
I am wearing a system layer Tee under the jacket, simply because it looks better imo.
A mesh Tshirt makes the layering look to thick for my liking.
Guarded Cross is a great place, if you need layers to combine your outfits with.
There is another problem i have with pants and wearing shoes,
The pants stick through the shoes, you can either fix that by making your avi hover a bit higher,
  in the shape settings and move the shoes down, or find good fitting jeans which isn't easy.
The relaxed jeans from Shai work with a lot of my shoes though, without editing the hover position..
All Credits:
Hair Itsuki in dark brown Argrace.
Necklace Copeck Kosh.
Skin Kitai Aeros.
Vintage denim jacket blue Gabriel currently at The Mens Dept.
Relaxed jeans Shai.
Flat shoes studs in Camouflage Gabriel currently at The Mens Dept.
Pose: Getaway Del May.
Enjoy ♥

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