January 30, 2014

The Boys are back in town.

Hello Guys.
Kauna has a great new release tomorrow at Fameshed, The Quilted jacket.
The hud can change the jacket colour (20 colours) collar, shoulder part, and buttons.
And then there are checkered shirts and plain shirts to get as extra, and also tie packs.
One shirt pack has 17 colours in it, and each tie pack 11 colours..
Hairs, Left Traveler Exile, right Jon Truth.
Skin avi right Leon in skin tone 3, with full beard Hermony.
Quilted jackets Kauna release at Fameshed.
Shirt add on for the Quilted jacket Kauna release at Fameshed.
Jeans on the left Kauna, Houndstooth grey trousers on the right Kauna.
Shoes wingtip brogues on both avi's Kauna.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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