January 28, 2014

Cheesy Picnic.

The Enchantment event that has Little Red riding hood as theme, is starting on the 1st of february.
Mish Mish made these cute mouses for this event, they move and are so great in details.
Since they like cheese, yeah I like to point out the obvious always ._. they were perfect for a picnic..
Credits Izzie:
Hair May dark chocolate Laviere.
Skin & shape Maci Izzie's new release.
Necklace Anchor Izzie's.
Skinny knit wammer u.f.o.
Flats Oleander Teefy.
Credits Sam:
Hair Traveler Exile.
Sunglasses Sousa Kumaki.
Skin Joshua tone 3 Clef de Peau.
Summer shirt Adam Redgrave.
Cargo shorts M2 Kal Rau.
Picnic rug Nira Cheeky Pea, Mouse on basket Mish Mish.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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