December 22, 2013

Sled race.

Hello Guys.
What Next has a new gift for the VIP members, The Sledding party set.
i tried them out and they are moving at warp speed total fun, the White monster is the big Snowbles from Mish Mish, he is one of my favourite creatures in SL. It has poses included..
Izzie's credits:
Hair Cora Wasabi Pills.
Skin & shape Lila Izzie's new.
Dress Poise, Wool cardigan, Dahlia socks, boots Stagioni Maitreya new.
My little fawn The Secret store hunt item.
Sam's credits:
Hat & hair David Valiant.
Down vest Jomo.
Henley sweater Redgrave.
Cargo pants Colin Redgrave.
Sneakers Mael Not So Bad.
Enjoy ♥

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