December 12, 2013

Counting Sheep Until We Sleep

MishMish released Counting Sheep sets for Collabor88. There are 2 different kinds available and you can choose from 5 colors. The Big sheep come with mesh cloud background and fencesfor rezzing and when you click the sheep it plays a lullaby and you can also choose from 7 animations when you sit on it. The other Counting Sheep set you can either attach to your body or rez and going in away status or wearing the included Hud triggers an animation and a lullaby starts playing. You can also hear the lullaby when you just click the sheep.
Counting Sheep Until We Sleep
The pajamas we are wearing are the Warner PJs from Fatewear. They come in male, female and child sizes, all in 1 set with optional tail and bunny hood and a tail Hud is included as well.
♥ Enjoy and Sweet Dreams♥

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