October 18, 2013

Winter is coming.

Happy Friday everyone.
The Game of Throne fans out there will recognise my title today.
When that line was said in the show, I always had a YES feeling inside of me, I love winter.
As you can see Izzie is taking revenge for the candle wax post we did this week.
But Puz (the cat) and me enjoyed that so much that we don't mind a couple of snowballs..

New releases from The Garden event.
Willow log cabin Pixel  mode, Slingback chair Montane & Patio heater Consignment.
Snowmobiles Mish Mish.
Other decoration:
Enchanted woods scene Studio Skye, snowman What Next.
Izzie is wearing:
Hair falling for you Exile, skin & shape Katya Izzie's, wool scarf Coco, cable knit sweater Tram.
Brown leather skirt Tres Blah , Operator boots ILO, Thigh High Knit Socks Izzie's @ TDRF
Sam is wearing:
Beanie hat Redgrave, Pullover fringe K, Adrian skin Klean, Billy jeans Fatewear, Shoes Trail Hoorenbeek.
Pose/prop Snowball fights by Izzie's.
Enjoy your Weekends everyone and till next time ♥


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