October 21, 2013

SLaughter on the Grid - Whodunnit?

The Police hopes of solving the murder of Sam L. (79) and his 29-year-old lover Izzie B., who both got ferociously slaughtered during the night of 20 October to 21 October 2013. Their dead bodies have been found by 35-year-old Kev.B, an employee of Sam L., who informed the police about a 20-50 year-old woman he saw running away from the crime scene. Furthermore Sam L. tried to help solving his own murder by writing the name of the Lovebird Butcher on the pavement, using his own blood. Unfortunately he has been too weak already to write the full name, the authorities assume that the couple knew the suspect. The police are looking for any relevant information about a 20-50- year-old woman, one knife is probably missing from her kitchen and her name starts with Tigi. If you know that woman or can give any relavant information, please contact the responsible police department.

SLaughter on the Grid - Whodunnit?

Credits Dead Couple:
 her blouse: Erratic - Amy Silk Blouse
her lingerie: Izzie's - Jolie Lingerie black

his suit: Kauna - Zombie Suit 

Credits FBI Agent:
suit: Troublemakers Inc - Women's Agency Suit Outfit
notepad: AZ - Notepad & Pencil 

Credits Crime Scene:
police officer: ROMAH
car: Aiden Caudron - CVPI Car
building: Meshworx - Factory Loft
crime scene: Inspired Design - Crime Scene
evidence marker: Kyoto
forensics bag: Kyoto

pose: Infiniti - Gatcha Afterlife (rare)

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