July 9, 2012

New by Epicosity Trench Coats & Slip-ons.

Awesome New releases from Epicosity.
A very casual looking trench coat, that can be worn, with or without the included buttoned down shirt.
That has 9 texture options, Several colours released i am showing a couple.
Also new are the Slip-ons, that are only 100ls a pair, and 200 for a style set with 3 pairs.
I suggest you have a look and demo everything out.
Taxi to the mainstore - Epicosity Main.

The New Slip-ons there are 24 different models total.


  1. Great look Sam. LOL'ing at the shoes :)

  2. Hi Sam, another great blog however I do have to say this ..sniggers..the top left picture ...hmmm..I am sure I have seen that footwear somewhere before..blinks "oh yes my dads slippers"..giggles

  3. Nooo Spirit slip ons are fashionable i got 2 pairs irl lol
    And thanks both :P


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