July 31, 2012

Kauna New Mesh 2pcs Suit for Fameshed.

Hello Guys!
Well i got my new favorite suit.
Kauna. released the 2pcs suit for the Fameshed event.
And its totally awesome every guy should have this.
Can get married in it, dance be a pimp or all Three.
Its 2 parts, and the pants can be worn with a shirt alone also.
The belt and trims on the suit, can change Colour with a hud.
Make sure to check this one, its by far the best suit on the grid.
Taxi - Fameshed. Landmark works from tommorow opening at the 1th of August.
And a ride to Kauna Mainstore.
The black and white Brogue shoes, are to find in the Kauna Mainstore.

Pants with shirt only, belt is colour change.

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  1. That has to be one of the best ever suits in SL, you look mighty fine Mr Laszlo :)


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