May 29, 2016

Happiness is...

Happiness is...

Credits Izzie:
 swimsuit: Koalifications & Razzberry Inc - Swim Suit Slink (RARE) (@ The Arcade)
hair: Oleander - Clio Siren (RARE) (@ The Arcade)
hair flower: Ariskea - Paradise Aloha Flower (@ The Arcade)
sunglasses: Imeka - Heart Sunglasses (@ The Arcade)
drink: Tentacio - Coconut Drink (@ The Arcade)
skin: Izzie's - Anya Skin
mouth: PXL - SweetLips
Credits Other:
camper car: Consignment - The Cuddle Camper Yellow (RARE) (@ The Arcade)
chihuahuas: Half Deer - Chihuahua Cuddle Buddies (@ The Arcade)
chair: Koalifications & Razzberry Inc - Mint Beach Chair (@ The Arcade)
sticks with lace: Keke - Sticks w Lace (@ The Arcade)
fishing net: Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation Fish Net 1 (@ The Arcade)
drinks cooler: Amala - Drinks Cooler (@ The Arcade)
hat: Le Primitif (LeP) - Hanging Hat Fedora (@ The Arcade)
palette table: Sari-Sari - Beach Vacation Palette Table (@ The Arcade)
dog (corgi): JIAN - Beach Corgis (@ The Arcade)
watermelons: What Next - Watermelon Pops (@ The Arcade)
floatie: Ariskea - Paradise Floatie [Watermelon] (RARE) (@ The Arcade)

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