December 1, 2015




dress: Moon Amore + Cureless - Charming Xmas RARE Dress (@ The Arcade)
christmas lights worn: Moon Amore + Cureless - Charming Xmas [Ligths] (@ The Arcade)
tiara:  Moon Amore + Cureless  - Angel Tiara  RARE (@ The Arcade)
angels: Moon Amore + Cureless  - Charming Xmas Angels of Light (@ The Arcade)
hair: !Oleander - Billie (@ Tannenbaum)
skin: Izzie's - Willis Skin rosy
face & body glitter: Izzie's - Body Glitter
deer left: Fawny - Winter Wonderland.Frisky Deer (@ The Arcade)
deer right: Fawny - Winter Wonderland.Relaxing Deer (@ The Arcade)
snowflake lights: Tarte - Twig Snowflake white (@ The Arcade)

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