September 6, 2014

Here's To The Good Times

Hello Everyone!
I am back after a little blogging break to show you some of the great items available at The Arcade and Fameshed.
Here's To The Good Times
dress: Fishy Strawberry - Saloon Dress (@ Fameshed)
boots: Pure Poison - Eleyna Boots (@ Fameshed)
owl: Half Deer - Ruffle McFeathers the Grey Owl (@ Fameshed)
hair: Wasabi Pills - Mandy (@ Fameshed)
skin: Izzie's - Olive Skin
pose: Del May - Ledge Stretch
Credits Deco:
house: tarte - Autumn cottage RARE (@ The Arcade)
wheelbarrow: Consignment - Planter's Habitat - Wheelbarrow (@ The Arcade)
windows: Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - old window frames (@ The Arcade)
bears: Boogers - Papa, Mama and Baby Bear (@ The Arcade)
cats: Fashionable Dead - Cat 10 Scared and Cat 18 Peeking in Box RARE (@ The Arcade)
birdcage shelf: Junk - Birdcage Shelves (@ The Arcade)
broom: HPMD - Basic Broom
door deco: Zigana - Door Deco (@ The Arcade)
chair: Pixel Mode - The Sewing Corner  - Windsor Chair White (@ The Arcade)
bike: Consignment  -  Planter's Habitat - Bike Planter (@ The Arcade)
tricycle: Little Hopper - Tricycle Green (@ The Arcade)
cat on tricycle: Aisling - NINO Sand (@ The Arcade)
well: oyasumi - Japanese Well / RARE (@ The Arcade)
ground: Izzie's - Autumn Road + Leaves (T-junction)
leaves on ground: 3D Trees - Autumn Trees - Fallen Leaves
grass: Zigana - Autumn Leafy
ivy: 3D Trees - Creeping Ivy
trees: Studio Skye - Four Season Oak Tree

♥ Enjoy ♥

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