July 12, 2014

When Dogs Cry

As the title already says, that's the sound you hear when Sam performs live on stage. He wanted to start a new career as musician and wanted to kick off with a "brilliant" live performance at the Drive In Theatre from Consignment @ Season's Story. The only brilliant thing was the metal of the chains I had to tie him up with and drag him off the stage, it was unbearable!  Cobbler, stick to your last - Sam better stick to what you can and stay a blogger, that's what you can do best and please spare us any live performance in the future!
When Dogs Cry
Credits Sam:
suit: Zaara - Classic Suit
shoes: L&B - Dress Shoes Wingtip
guitar: Aitui - Epic Acoustic (@ Season's Story)
duct tape: Show Off -  Duct Tape for your Mouth
skin: Hermony - Kyu
hair: Damselfly - Gabriel (@ Hair Fair)
Credits Izzie:
dress: Celoe - Kenya Dress (@ Collabor88)
bracelet: Izzie's - Braid Bracelet
shoes: Zenith - Bohemian String Platform Shoes (@ Collabor88)
hair: Exile - After the Rain (@ Summerfest)
skin: Izzie's - Olive Skin (coming soon)

pose: Rack Poses - You're Coming With Me (soon @ Poser Pavilion)
Credits Other:
decoration: Consignment -  Backyard Drive in Theatre (@ Season's Story)
microphone: Meli Imako - Microphone

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