April 20, 2014

Suit Up.

Hello guys,
Happy easter for everyone celebrating it.
Kauna released new suit items for the XIV suits, i am wearing the striped creme version,
with the Paisley creme accessoires, and it's for sure one of the best, if not the best suit in SL.
The fitting is so great, and the textures and the choice of colours and patterns,
go check the demo to see it for yourself ..

Hair Dura exclusive for the Japan fair.
Suit XIVstriped creme Kauna new.
Tie & handkerchief Paisley creme Kauna new.
Pose Wall nudge Del May.
Toronto livingroom Bazar.
Skybox The Apartment by Abiss.
Enjoy ♥


  1. Man... look at your previous posts!!!!!!! you called almost every suit "THE BEST".

    Learn how to review accurately!

    1. Hello sweetie i said one of the best, and i don't think you decide how i write my posts lol get a life <3


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