November 12, 2013

Riaxik Mesh Avatars.

Hello Guys.
For a while now i am playing around with different Mesh avis.
Riaxik has 4 male avis to choose from, and i have to say i love them.
I am wearing 'Jin' but it tried them all, and didn't dislike any, very natural detailed looking avis.
All have demos that give a great impression how it works and looks.
The including skin hud gives options to change skin tone, eyebrows, hairbase colours, facial hair.
And 3 head shape options and 3 body type options, really cool to control this all with a hud.
Definitely keeping an eye on this store, the starter pack is 2000Ls, which is a great price for all these options..
Skin & Shape 'Jin' Riaxik Mesh avi.
Beanie & hair 'David' Valiant at Fameshed.
Jacket 'Radial & Tee Valiant.
Pose 'Adam' Diesel.
Location Hazardous.


  1. I'm impressed. Can't wait to see them creating gorgeous female avis too.

    1. Thanks yeah i am to, really good job he did


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