August 19, 2013

The only good cat is a stir-fried cat.

Hello Guys,
Yes i know it's a strange title but it's actually a quote from one of my favorite 80's shows Alf.
Alf hates cats he sees them more as snack, I didn't expected though he would go after our cat Puz.
Who is as you know a regular guest on this blog, thank god i heard him landing and saved her..
My combat uniform is a new release from EPIA. It includes boots, cuffs up or down, hoodie up down, and sleeves that can be off or on, and this all through a chat command. I love this store, it's so smart made and great looking, and it's unisex so the girls can be a soldier to.
Alf's UFO is released at The Garden event and made by Pixel Mode, you just add it to your avi and can fly it on any sim. It has a hud with a beam to abduct the humans, and a taser gun.
The berret is from Tonktastic, and my new skin is Blair from The Shops.
The pose with including guns by CnS e-motion, and the building Meshworkx.
Side note i have an Alf in my bedroom ^^
Till next time and keep your pussies save,

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