July 1, 2013

Sing Me A Love Song

Hello guys,
Sam kidnapped me for a romantic stroll in the countryside today. As we arrived at a hay cart he pulled out his guitar out of a hay bail and said 'I wanna sing you a love song'... and i just nodded with a frozen smile... You guys might think this is romantic but have you ever heard him sing!? The cows already prepared themselves mentally for a painful escape over the electric fence! In my distress I had no better idea than kissing him to keep him quiet - this always helps and worked like a charm also this time :D

Sing Me A Love Song
Sam is wearing the mesh Uni T-Shirt and Heavy Used Jeans (both Liquid Mesh) by Redgrave, Hokusai Bracelet by Mandala, Tattoo by Boss and Vindicated hair by Exile
I am wearing the Denim Jacket Blue by Kalrau, Ema skirt by not so bad, the Watch Gatcha from Amitomo and my hair is Laurie from Truth.
The couple pose is the new Sing me a Love Song pose from Rack Poses.
Have a great Monday everyone ♥

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