December 28, 2012

“ Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday, and all is well. ”

The Title of this post is a difficult way to say, the things we worry about never really happen.
I am not really a fan of inspirational quotes, but this one I should keep in mind more.
The look of Today, is what I love to wear in my daily SL, neat but still casual.
The casual blazer and the skinny jeans from Epicosity are perfect for it.
The New Ventura sneakers from JP, I didn't took off anymore after the release, love the details of them.
The short hair is from Boon, and the skin is still Ethan from Belleza, next post I will wear one of the others.
The Sinra necklace is from Mandala, the length makes it needed to wear on a none mesh Tee.
Most of my Tee's I use for layering are from Guarded Cross.
That's all for today Enjoy!

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