September 13, 2012

New By Kal Rau M4 Casual blazers & New Waxworx Sven shape.

Ello Guys.
Kal Rau his new blazers are very hip looking, love the washed texture look of them.
The come with 32 Tee's included and a none Tee option as well.
I am showing all the 4 colour blazers.
The shape i am using is the latest release from WaxworX Sven, great shape and comes in different sizes and options, if you'r looking to change your look go visit this store.
Casual M4 blazers - Kal Rau. marketplace link: Kal Rau @ Marketplace.
Sven Shape - WaxworX.
All pants showing - Kal Rau.
All shoes by - Hoorenbeek.
Hair 33 - Dura.
Chill poses - Stakey.


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