June 29, 2012

Great new releases by Epicosity.

Epicosity is the New kid in town, with mesh clothes for males.
And their collection is already impressive i love it all.
Its different fashionable, and designed so that everything mixes and matches.
And Orginal made mesh so no template crap.
I am gonna do a couple of posts about them, starting of with the Legit pants & the Layered vests.
The pants go with a casual or neat style, and have suspenders and rolled up cuffs.
The Vests have a build in Texture changer, for the Tee and the buttons.
All in standard Mesh sizes, with a great variety of invisible layers.
Lazy TP to the market - Epicosity - Second Life marketplace.
Or to the inworld mainstore - Epicosity Mainstore.

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  1. They look great don't they? great choice with the boots too :)


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