May 19, 2012

What Next & Thistle for Home & Garden Expo.

The What Next Lounge chairs and a half , are so fab really, and all proceeds of this chairs go to RFL.
They are loaded with animations, single sits, single activities, couple, and bff poses.
I am showing a couple on the picture, and for only 350ls.
And they are designed to match with the lounging rug of What Next at Culture Shock.
And yeah i am knitting myself a sweater for winter, better start early with my skills, economic crisis anyone?

Next up is the Charlotte Living room set, and that one has also great animations, and really cute ones for couples, this is a New release for this event, and vip group members of What next get a 20% discount.

And last but not least is the great coastal cottage from Thistle.
Where i took all the pictures in.

Oh and don't think it is gonna be massive lag, its great organised on 14 sims.
Taxi's - What Next.


  1. Wow! great looking stuff. Can I put an order in for a sweater? lol :)

  2. Erm i was knitting u a bikini :{


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