November 17, 2011

Menstuff Hunt

Today i am showing two avi's, that can be found at the Menstuff hunt 2011
All info about the hunt, and the great group that is active all year, can be found here:

                                                      First one is a mean one :P
                                                      Shape by Maverick Design
                                                      Skin    by Lavie
                                                      Outfit  by Connors
                                                                   Next dude
                                                 Shape by Ultimate shapes
                                                 Skin   by  Egoisme
                                                 Outfit by  Lash-Ware
                               And dont forget to check out the Menstuff lounge.
                               The board has 150 gifts in it also, And the hunt also 150
                                                   So you can do the math :)

                        The lounge can be found here, Also the Womenstuff gift wall.
                                                   Menstuff & Womenstuff lounge
                                                          So happy hunting all >:)


  1. Thanks for your support both in-world and out! Good luck with the rest of the hunt, especially the unpacking/sorting part!

    MENstuff Manager

  2. yw :), and yup it's a hunt in inventory after also.
    But its fun :)


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